Tents Elevate Your BrandTents Elevate Your Brand

Our Photo Tents and Branded Event Tents provide large areas for Branding.

We specialize in On-Site Marketing Displays, and Tents are perfect!  Our tents can be used as a primary way to draw attention to your location while also delivering your Branding & Messaging.

Plus, tents provide Shade and Rain protection without losing any valuable real estate.

Pick the Tent Style you like and we’ll design one for you.

Designed & Built for MarketingDesigned & Built for Marketing

  • Photo Tents
  • Auto Show Tents
  • Delivery & Greeter Tents
  • Pop-Up Tents
  • Festival Style Tents
  • Graphic Sampling Tents
  • Detailing & Wash Tents
  • Commercial Cover Systems

Proclaim! Tent SystemsProclaim! Tent Systems

Photo Tents

  • Attract Attention & Build Your Brand
  • Impactful Graphics Get Attention
  • Increases Product & Location Awareness
  • Greatest “New Product” Launcher!
  • Changeable Tops for the Next Launch

Auto Show Tents

  • Increases Product & Location Awareness
  • Create a Managers Special Area
  • Greatest “New Product” Launcher!
  • Changeable Tops for the Next Launch
  • Changeable Banner Messages

Delivery & Greeter Tents

  • Create a Designated Delivery Area
  • Perfect as a Greeter Tent for the Sales Team
  • Introduce New Models on the Top
  • Optional RidgeTop Message Banner
  • Optional Sidewalls with or without Graphics

Pop-Up Tents

  • Easy Setup & Storage
  • Wheeled Carry Bag Included with all Models
  • Impactful Graphics Get Attention
  • Great for Greeter Areas
  • Greatest “New Product” Launcher!
  • Changeable Tops & Optional Sidewalls

Festival Style Tents

  • Stylish Look
  • Available in Colors
  • Custom Printing Available
  • Available in Several Sizes
  • Optional Sidewalls

Graphic Sampling Tents

  • Attract Attention & Build Your Brand
  • Impactful Graphics Showcase your Product
  • Increases Product  Awareness
  • Great “New Product” Launcher!
  • Changeable Tops for the Next Launch

Detailing & Wash Tents

  • Provides Shade for Workers & Cars
  • We can build them to any size.
  • Snow, Rain, Hair & Dust Protection

Commercial Cover Systems

  • Stock Sizes & Custom Sizes
  • Colored Tops Available
  • 4 Year, 7 Year & 10 Year Fabric Life Available

Customer ReviewsCustomer Reviews

Proclaim Promotions designed and installed the best, colorful tents that we have ever had at Sacramento Infiniti. Since our tents have been installed, I believe we have sold an extra 15 to 20 cars per month!
Jon Colamartino
General Sales Manager
Sacramento Infiniti
Proclaim! has become a valuable member of our team…It's very comforting to know you have a partner who can determine what your needs are and give you adequate coverage at the best costs out there.
Phil Tucker
Vice President, Lifestyle & Concept Development
It’s about first class service... Every date they said the stuff was going to be up it was installed. The auto mall came out even better than the pictures looked. They have gone way beyond what we thought they could produce.
Jim Taylor
General Manager - Folsom Auto Mall
Folsom Lake GMC

Tent Styles & UsesTent Styles & Uses

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