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Maximize Your Location's VisibilityMaximize Your Location's Visibility

Proclaim! provides you with a comprehensive solution to keep your Dealership(s) looking great and active 24/7/365!

Whether you have 1 Dealership or 100 we have you covered  . . . Nationwide!

See how Proclaim can transform your location into a selling machine!

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Proclaim's Five Selling Areas:Proclaim's Five Selling Areas:

  1. from the Street
  2. on the Lot
  3. in the Service Drive
  4. in the Waiting Room
  5. in the Showroom

Proclaim’s Visual Displays help your Team better Engage with the Shopper.  Ask us how…

Nationwide Service Available

Proclaim's Five Selling Areas:Proclaim's Five Selling Areas:

1-From the Street

Our Displays are designed to invite shoppers onto your lot.

Make your location stand-out, and look open & active with Proclaim’s impactful design and messaging options . . .

2-On the Lot

Once the shopper is on your Lot, we deliver messages to them about easy financing, specials today, sale on now, etc.

They have more time to see and be motivated by selling queues like “take a no obligation test drive today. Right now!”

We can help you provide a designated Customer Parking Area with highly visible signage.

3-In the Service Drive

Using your Service Drive as a Sales Center is good business. You have existing customers right in front of you that will buy a new car if you offer them the opportunity.

Signage with Strong Messages like:

  • “Trade-In… Trade-Up event now going on!”
  • “Drive in used… Drive home New… Ask us how.”
  • “Buy a New Car…Same Payment…ask us how.”
  • “We’ll buy your car today…..ask us how.”

4-In the Waiting Room

Through our high quality wall frames you can invite your service customers to test-drive a new car while they wait with no obligation.

Through our messaging you can tell them about the:

  • “Trade-In… Trade-Up Event now going on”
  • “Drive In Used… Drive Home New…Same Payment, ask us how”
  • “We will buy your car today…ask us how”

5-In the Showroom

Use the showroom as intended. Showcase Vehicles there. When you run out of room, hang them from the Ceiling . . .

Our custom Ceiling Banners show off images of your complete Lineup throughout the showroom. This helps shoppers understand the variety of models you have and prompts them to ask questions.

It also helps your salespeople point to the model the shopper might be interested in seeing, plus others in the same category.

Imagine What Proclaim! Can Do for Your Location!Imagine What Proclaim! Can Do for Your Location!

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Customer ReviewsCustomer Reviews

Proclaim Promotions designed and installed the best, colorful tents that we have ever had at Sacramento Infiniti. Since our tents have been installed, I believe we have sold an extra 15 to 20 cars per month!
Jon Colamartino
General Sales Manager
Sacramento Infiniti
It’s about first class service... Every date they said the stuff was going to be up it was installed. The auto mall came out even better than the pictures looked. They have gone way beyond what we thought they could produce.
Jim Taylor
General Manager - Folsom Auto Mall
Folsom Lake GMC

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